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Impact of Tongue on Oral Health

How Your Tongue Relates to Your Oral Health?

Good oral health is so important and there are many signs you can be paying attention to in order to ensure you are healthy. Your tongue is not just a random part of your mouth, it plays a key part in your ability to swallow and taste. Aside from that, your tongue can tell you A LOT about your overall oral health. Check out the below overview and make sure you are consulting with our team at your next cleaning if needed.

Oral Health

What your tongue can tell you about your oral health:


White Coating on Tongue

  • Your tongue is supposed to be a bright shade of pink. If parts of your tongue appear to be coated with a white substance, this could be oral thrush, a yeast overgrowth that occurs inside the oral cavity. We suggest using a tongue scrubber during every brush to ensure you are keeping that tongue extra clean.

White Patches on Tongue

  • Leukoplakia is a condition that can happen if the tongue has been irritated, such as with smoking or tobacco use. Every medical professional will advise you to stop using tobacco products to avoid this. If you see white patches, though, book a dentist appointment to be on the safe side and to rule out oral cancer of any kind.

Overly Red Tongue

  • While an overly red tongue can be a symptom of a Kawasaki disease, it’s much more commonly associated with a vitamin deficiency, such as folic acid or B-12. The solution could be simply adding a vitamin supplement to your diet.

Tender, Sore Tongue

  • If your tongue is overly sensitive in one spot or all over, you could have a food allergy or a developing canker sore. Don’t worry about it, unless it doesn’t go away for a time. After that, time to call in the dentist for a professional opinion to take a closer look for you.

Oral Health

Your dentist is the first line of defense against both serious and benign health concerns. So, stick out your tongue at the dentist and be ready for a comprehensive oral checkup. You never know what your tongue might be telling you about your health!

We look forward to seeing you and seeing what that tongue of yours is telling us about your health.

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