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Steps of a Professional Teeth Cleaning Service


A regular dental cleaning can have a considerable impact on your oral hygiene. Yes, we must brush and floss every day. However, that might not be enough to reach and remove plaque from the inaccessible parts of our mouth. Professional teeth cleaning service can take care of that and leave you feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

Steps of Professional Dental Cleaning

Wondering what happens in a dental cleaning? Let us take a look at the steps involved in this procedure to make a more informed decision about incorporating it into our routine.

Removing Plaque and Tartar

Plaque is a sticky substance that is made up of food remnants and can act as a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Regular brushing can help to remove it, but there is nothing like a thorough professional cleaning. It not only effectively removes plaque but also helps focus on tartar. Tartar or calculus is hardened calcium that can be extremely stubborn and hard to remove. The dentist will use special appliances and get rid of these lingering accumulations from your gum line and provide you with protection.

Using Special Toothpaste

After removal, several dental hygienists use special toothpaste and apply it to your teeth using an electric toothbrush. It helps toothpaste penetrate deep inside and ensures the effective removal of harmful microbes.

Rinsing Solutions

Then you are given a rinsing concoction rich in fluoride. It takes the cleaning process up a notch and ascertains the killing of all bacteria. This ensures that your mouth stops acting as a breeding ground for infections.

Thorough Oral Exam

Following the process of rinsing, the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth for any probable signs of danger. Your oral cavity will be scrutinized and checked for structural abnormalities. This might help to spot signs of oral cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Along with your mouth,  your jaw and neck are also examined. Now is the time to let your dentist know if you are experiencing discomfort in some specific area.

Professional Flossing

Oftentimes, the dentist will resort to dental-grade floss to ensure that all your plaque and tartar have been cleared off. This step is used to target any left-out part of your mouth or loose sediments.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is an important element that acts as a preventive measure and helps us to fight off our dental concerts. It improves our dental health and strengthens our teeth as well. This last step is extremely crucial and acts to protect you from tooth decay, cavities, and periodontitis. A gel-like substance is applied to your teeth using special tools. These fluoride treatments won’t just benefit your child but help adults also in the future.

There are several consequences of missing out on these cleaning appointments. They can help in the early detection of serious diseases. Additionally, occasional dental cleanings can help get rid of that stubborn accumulation in your mouth and have a positive impact on your overall health. It is the perfect time for regular dental cleaning. Go for it today!

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