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“People Love Us On Google”
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How Our Team is Keeping Our Patients Safe

It’s no surprise that 2020 has been the year of change and our team is constantly finding ways to improve our procedures to ensure the health & safety of our patients is top of mind in our new normal. We are so thankful for the support of our wonderful staff in making these changes and for the cooperation of our amazing patients.

Wondering what changes we’ve made and what to expect at your next appointment!? Here’s all the details below!

Contactless Check-In

In efforts to minimize contact in our office, our staff has been coordinating the scheduling to avoid any patient interaction while in our office. We have also enhanced our check-in process to be completely contactless to cut down the time our patients spend outside of their private patient room. Here’s how the new process works.

First, you’ll receive a reminder text message the day before your appointment with a link to complete your pre-appointment health forms. All you have to do is tap the link and answer some quick questions. The day of your appointment, you’ll receive another text informing you to text us when you arrive at our parking lot. We’ll text you back when the office is completely clear for you to come in.

As a reminder, all patients are required to wear a mask to enter our office. As you enter, our team will greet you and take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. We’ll ask you a couple quick questions as a pre-health screening and then show you to your private exam room for your appointment.

Additional Protective Gear for Staff

Our staff always wears their masks during procedures but due to COVID we have increased our PPE coverage to keep you and our staff safe at all times. Our team wears N-95,  an additional mask over that, gloves and goggles during all appointments. Gloves are changed between every patient.

Increased Office Cleaning 

Although our office is known for being sparkling clean, we have stepped up our cleaning gain to ensure every inch is spotless! As always, we use top-grade disinfectant supplies to completely wipe down our office. There is also increased cleaning in between patients in our exam rooms.

New Air Purifiers Installed

In efforts to maintain a clean airflow throughout the office we have added Medify Air purifiers in every room of our office. The purpose of adding these systems is to provide cleaner air for our guests in the office. The system accomplishes this by removing harmful particles from the air that can potentially get you sick and aggravate indoor allergies. So don’t be alarmed by our new gear- it’s all just here to protect you!

Aerosol Vacuum Added to Patient Rooms

The Aerosol Vacuum is another safety feature we’ve installed in our office! The unit helps us filter out potentially dangerous particles like bacteria and viruses that may be emitted into the air during certain procedures. We position the suction near where we are working and it helps capture particles as small as 0.12 microns (that’s really small!) in a ULPA filter. All this means is cleaner air, a cleaner office and healthy patients and staff.

Thanks for reading more about the changes to our office.

Have questions? Please email, call, text or direct message our team. Stay safe Stamford!

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