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What Are The Common Oral Cancer Symptoms?

July 22, 2021

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can drastically alter your life. The key to effective treatment is early detection. However, ignoring the early warning signs may result in several complications that could potentially harm your life. Our dentists at Lo Presti Cosmetic And Family Dentistry have listed down some oral cancer symptoms for better understanding.

What is Oral Cancer?

Before jumping into the signs of oral cancer, let us first find out what is oral cancer. Oral or mouth cancer, as the name implies, occurs within the oral cavity. It primarily appears on the tongue, the back of the mouth, or the linings of your gum tissue. The cancerous patches do not feel painful at first, which is why people tend to ignore them. However, as it develops the disease seems to get out of hand and life-threatening.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

Early detection, as with other types of cancer, can lead to successful treatment of your oral cancer. Your favorite Stamford dentist has listed some of the signs of oral cancer for easy understanding.

Inability To Chew

One of the most telltale oral cancer symptoms is the inability to chew. Esophageal cancer makes it very difficult to swallow, making you almost choke on your food. You will feel extra pressure while you are trying to gulp down something. If this is something you are suffering from, then it is advisable to get it checked by your Stamford dentist.

Strange Lumps Inside Your Mouth

Keep an eye out for any abnormal outgrowths inside your mouth. It could occur anywhere on your gums, throat, or neck. Such lumps on your gums are common and could form due to abscesses as well These could, however, be cancerous and you must let your dentist in Stamford examine it without any delay.

White & Grey Blotches

If left untreated, these white outgrowths can develop into cancer. They are usually white with a greyish tint and are clinically known as leukoplakia. They are most typically found on your lips or inside your mouth. They could be the result of rotting teeth, damaged dentures, or overexposure to carcinogens. You need to get them checked by your Stamford dentist to prevent them from turning malignant.

Red Marks

Red patches, also known as erythroplakia, are usually benign cysts. However, if they are not managed properly, they have the potential to develop into cancerous tumors. The surface of these patches seems to be velvety, and early detection of these abnormal growths can help you fight cancer more effectively..

Sores On Your Tongue

If you have red patches under your tongue or on the back of your teeth, this could be an early warning sign of oral cancer.  It is essential to physically examine your mouth at least once a month. Clean your hands and carefully inspect beneath your tongue. Look for unusual lumps. You can also use a magnifying mirror to look for sores inside your mouth. It is best to consult your dentist in Stamford if you want a thorough examination. There are several things we don’t know about ur mouth and these examination sessions with our dentists can increase your knowledge about the teeth. We hope this blog helps you to combat oral cancer with ease. Looking for the best oral screening services in Stamford, CT? Get in touch with us at Lo Presti Cosmetic And Family Dentistry for the best dental care services.

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